Resources for learning Business English online

Hello everybody,

Welcome to Pro-Language‘s latest blog.

Today I am going to present some websites for improving your Business English.

Enjoy browsing through the websites and maybe the odd exercise! ;-).


BBC Learning English:

The website contains exercises, videos and podcasts for improving English

and Business English. You can work on your skills such as pronunciation,

learn vocabulary or grammar from beginner to advanced level.


British Council Learn English:

Here you find online exercises, videos and podcasts for improving your skills,

grammar and vocabulary from beginner to advanced level. They cover the

areas Business English and English.


Perfect English Grammar:

This website offers explanations and online exercises for English



Business English Resources:

A Business English website which provides students with Business English

vocabulary, online exercises for vocabulary, grammar and writing.


Breaking News English:

Here you can find latest news articles and also some business news.

Every article comes along with a podcast and different reading

comprehension exercises.

This website contains English and Business English videos, podcasts and

speaking lessons on a lot of interesting topics. Levels from beginner to

advanced are covered.

A website offering exercises for vocabulary training, grammar quizzes,

reading comprehension and listening comprehension. Videos and

online exercises on a huge variety of topics are being covered.



Here are English and Business English exercises on grammar,

vocabulary and news articles from beginner to advanced level.



The website provides learners with online exercises on grammar,

vocabulary and pronunciation from beginner to advanced level. The subject

general English is mainly covered.


English Grammar:

A website which contains online exercises and videos on a variety of

topics for improving written English and Business English.


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